Safe Guards for Protected Health Information (PHI)

Scryptions International has implemented appropriate administrative, physical & technical safeguards to prevent any use or disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) for all of our business associates.

The following is a brief summary of security measures that we have taken:

  • Indian transcriptionists working at Scryptions International:
    • Sign a Confidentiality Contract, which restricts the disclosure of any patient health information.
    • Do not have floppy disk or CD access.
    • Do not copy files to their local computer drive.
    • Do not have internet access.
    • Do not work from home.
  • All information (voice files and completed transcripts) downloaded by subcontractors must be deleted from their servers within 5 business days upon completion of work.
  • All permanent data remains stored in servers located in Centralized Data Centers. Data Centers are under security surveillance and have restricted access.
  • Scryptions International web based servers are HTTPS secured.
  • All data transfer is 128-bit encrypted as required by HIPAA Privacy Standards.
  • All e-mails are secured with username & password safeguards and an encryption/decryption process.

Scryptions International is dedicated to both professionalism and strict adherence to confidentiality regulations.